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We're trying to get a better online gift certificate system. In the meantime, you can buy a paper gift certificate, and if the recipient wants to use them online, they can enter the info in the comments, and we'll apply the gift certificate by issuing a refund. If you have purchased or received a gift certificate, it can still be used.

PLEASE READ these instructions for buying & using online gift certificates:
While logged in, type the value you would like this gift certificate to have into the quantity box for this item (each "unit" of gift certificate is worth $1). Once you have purchased your gift certificate, the credit will appear in your account. Send the recipient an online gift code from our Send Gift Certificate Page. Enter the email address of the recipient and an online gift code will be emailed to them with your message. You can choose what amount you'd like to send to each recipient and the rest will remain in your account. See our Gift Certificate information page for more details.

NOTE: This type of gift certificate is ONLY redeemable online. The recipient must place their order through our website rather than calling or mailing in their order. If you think they will want call or mail in their order, please choose a Paper Gift Certificate instead.
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Gift Certificates

When buying a gift certificate, please choose between an online gift certificate and a paper gift certificate. Online gift certificates can only be redeemed online; paper gift certificates are meant to be redeemed via phone, mail, or fax.