Acorn Community Farm

Acorn Community Farm is an intentional community in Louisa County, Virginia, founded in 1993. We are part of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, which means that we hold in common our land, labor, resources, and income, and that we are not held together by religious beliefs. We strive to live in a sustainable, equitable, non-coercive, non-hierarchical manner. (We are not, and never have been, affiliated with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, though their acronym has the same letter as our farm name.)

Each year we grow quite a few small seed crops. These often include crops that we're working on developing better seed-saving instructions for, and varieties that might have extended dormancy, and varieties that have not been chosen that year by any of our other seed growers, despite having, in our experience, stellar qualities. We also grow crops for our own consumption on the farm, and to take notes on varieties that we carry, and to assess which varieties we'd like to add. In any given year we plant well over 100 varieties of annual plants on our farm.

Before the community was founded, our land was an old homestead that was owned by relatives of our present-day neighbors. Left behind were remnants of a much loved garden which still provides us with irises, daffodils, day lilies and wild black raspberries. The original farmhouse was renovated and still serves as a living space. Our 72 acres of rolling hills borders the South Anna River. Much of our land is woods and much is pasture. We also have young orchards, an herb garden, and several acres in annual crops. Our farm has been certified organic since 2000.

On our page about our early history, you can read more about how Acorn Community came to cooperatively own Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Previously, Acorn members earned money for the community by weaving hammocks, turning used tin cans into artful planters and lanterns, and briefly operating a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), in addition to other ventures.