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Now sold out for 2018. Consider Golden amaranth as a substitute. (Amaranthus cruentus) 90 days. [From Sonora, Mexico] Very vigorous variety with sturdy stalks. Can reach 7-8 ft. tall in good conditions. Primarily used for grain or to make pinole and atole. The leaves may also be used like spinach. Black seeds. The stalks, leaf veins, and large seed heads are beautiful maroon red, a bright contrast to the green foliage. Makes a nice ornamental as well. Pkt.
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Our Grain Growing Guide covers Amaranth, Rice, and Sorghum. See variety descriptions for other crops on this page.
Corn is listed separately from these grains. Seed for grain corn can be found here as dent, flint, and flour corn, as gourdseed corn, and as popcorn.