75 days. (Indeterminate) [Family heirloom given to Dustin Swanland by his Italian aunt. Introduced 2012 by SESE.] Delicious fruit (always a hit at our tomato tastings)! Vigorous and productive plants! But… a challenging variety for us to offer. Plants vary a lot, even after years of vigorous selection by us. It tends strongly toward the intensely fruity, sweet, luscious orange spheres we originally described. Many plants bear red fruits, and a wide range of orange types is present as well, in clusters of 2-12 and sizes of ½ - 1½ in. We’re unsure just how diverse this variety was before we received it, and why it keeps frustrating our selection efforts. But it’s so delicious we carry it anyway! Pkt.
  • Item # 49236

Cherry & Currant

Solanum lycopersicum unless noted.
Please see Tomato Cultural Notes for growing information.
Codes refer to our Key to Tomato Disease Tolerance.
Packet: Seed size varies considerably; 0.16 g unless noted (about 40-83 seeds) sows 100 ft.