(als, an, bw, cmv, pm, scab) 59 days. [U. of Arkansas, 1991.] Popular and reliable, this white-spined pickler has multiple disease-resistance. Compact vines have multiple branch points and will climb a fence or trellis with ease. Small leaf size makes finding fruit easier, and the parthenocarpic flowers produce fruit under stress and without pollinators. 5 in. long fruits good for slicing and pickling. This variety may have lost Downy Mildew resistance with the emergence of new strains of the fungus, as it now varies from year to year with how well it resists DM. Pkt.
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Pickling Cucumbers

Cucumis sativus
Please refer to our Cucumber Growing Guide for cultural information.
Codes refer to the Key to Cucumber Disease & Pest Tolerance.
See also Slicing Cucumbers.
Packet: 2g unless stated (approx. 60-80 seeds, depending on variety) sows 20'.