(Barbarea verna) 50 days. [17th c. Portuguese sailors shipwrecked on Canada’s Belle Isle survived the winter thanks to these greens.] A traditional winter green across the Mountain South. Dark green leaves are high in vitamin C. Transplant or sow anytime, but best sown in late summer for winter greens. The yellow blossoms help nourish ladybugs, syrphids, and other beneficial insects. Pkt (1.5 g, 1250 seeds)

Growing instructions: A quick growing cool-weather vegetable, cress has many forms. Plant upland cress and curly cress in late summer or fall in moist but well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. Broadcast seed (or plant in rows 7 in. apart) and cover very lightly with soil or compost. Seed can take 2 weeks to emerge.
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