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Packet: 1 oz (28g) (about 110-210 seeds, depending on variety) sows 30-45 feet.

Black Mexican (Mexican Sweet, Black Iroquois) Sweet Corn 28g

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(white at edible stage) 76 days. [Introduced in 1864.] 'Black Mexican' is a time-honored New England sweet corn. Despite its name, it appears to have originated in upper New York state, and was probably derived from 'Iroquois Black Puckers' sweet corn. 'Black Mexican' arose from a northern black flint corn by mutation from the starchy to sugary condition (perhaps causing the kernels to have a puckered appearance, hence the name 'black puckers'). The name 'Black Mexican' may have been given by a seed company attempting to provide novelty to its seed offerings, a practice not uncommon in the late 1800's. 'Black Mexican' has some characteristics of northern flint, especially its tillering characteristics and kernel row count of 8 to 12. The kernels, white at milk stage, soon change to bluish-black in the late milk stage, but the flavor is exceptional. Plants are medium-tall, about 5-1/2'. Ears average 7- 1/2" x 1-1/2", typically with 8 rows of kernels. Harvest several days before kernels show color to several days afterwards. Although adapted to New England it does well as a second early variety in the south.
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