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Ridge Gourds on Cattle Panel Trellising

Ridge gourds are a popular vegetable in many Asian countries. Also known as ridged luffas and chinese vining okra, ridge gourds are easy to use in recipes that call for summer squash or okra. Though classified as a gourd, they are extremely … Continue reading

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An organic no-till garden in South Carolina

Rodger Winn and his wife Karen grow seeds for Southern Exposure, as well as vegetables for themselves and for a local market, in their 1.25-acre garden in Little Mountain, South Carolina.  On our recent trip to the Carolina Farm Stewardship … Continue reading

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Extend your pepper season and preserve peppers

Last night at about 11:30 Ken alerted me that the forecasted low for our area was 36 degrees, meaning that we could easily get a light frost.  At midnight the two of us headed out to our gardens with a … Continue reading

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