(Cichorium endiva) 90 days. [1934. AAS winner.] Large, broad, dark-green outer leaves enclose round, deep 12-16 in. heads which are well-blanched, creamy-white, and buttery. Pkt (1 g, 600 seeds)

History: Endive is a native to the East Indies and it has a long history of culture in Egypt and Greece

Growing instructions: Endive is grown like lettuce and is sensitive to hot weather. Thin plants to 8-12 in. apart in rows 18 in. apart. May be blanched in 3 weeks by tying up the outer wrapper leaves, but must re main dry inside the wrapper. Blanching increases crispness, tenderness, and removes bitterness caused by hot weather. For prolonged harvest, dig plants in late fall with root ball intact and store at about 50°F in a root cellar.
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