(Fagopyron esculentum) 30-45 days as a green manure crop, 80 days for grain. Wait until grain heads form if you want the crop to re-seed. May be used as a nutritious cereal grain or pancake flour. Young leaves may be added to salads. The deep root system of buckwheat is good at mining subsurface minerals and it is an excellent crop for utilizing the nutrients in rock powder fertilizers. Sow any time between last spring frost and 1 month prior to first fall frost. A great quick summer crop - fast-growing plants choke out weeds, bees love the white flowers that appear in 4-5 weeks, and the tender stems are easy to cut down when the crop’s done. For a fall/winter cover crop we recommend sowing buckwheat together with crimson clover. The buckwheat acts as a nurse crop for the crimson clover during the heat of the day. In the fall, the buckwheat is killed by frost. 1 lb sows 400 sq. ft. (1 lb = 454 g)
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Grains & Cover Crops

Our Grain Growing Guide covers Amaranth, Rice, and Sorghum. See variety descriptions for other crops on this page.
Corn is listed separately from these grains. Seed for grain corn can be found here as dent, flint, and flour corn, as gourdseed corn, and as popcorn.