Sold Out
Small crop, now sold out for 2016 ( Ricinus zanzibarensis) A vigorous-growing ornamental. Can be grown perennially in tropical areas. Large deep-red palmate leaves with 5-11 lobes often grow past 12 in. Red flowers in panicles and bright red fruit 1 in. in diameter covered with soft spines. Native to Africa. All parts of the plant, particularly the beans, are poisonous to humans and livestock. Will help keep furry pests and insects out of your garden. Extremely toxic, keep out of the reach of children. Pkt (12 g, 33 seeds)

Culture: Tender perennial. Germination: 70°F, 10-14 days. Full sun. Pre-soak seed for 2-3 days. Direct sow or transplant 6-8-week-old plants after last frost. Space 3-4 ft. apart. Ht. 6-12 ft.