67 days. (green > red) [A gardening breakthrough: d the first nematode-resistant bell pepper. Introduced by SESE 1998.] Plants have a compact growth habit and reach a height of 4 ft. 3 x 5 in. fruits are virtually identical to 'Keystone Resistant Giant', and weigh ~¼ lb. Pkt (0.3 g)

The first nematode-resistant bell peppers were introduced by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. They were developed by Drs. Fery, Duke, and Thies at the USDA, Charleston, SC. Many gardeners in the South have found it difficult or impossible to grow sweet bell peppers because of nematode problems. Previously they had to sterilize their soil or find alternative growing sites. The new nematode-resistant varieties now make it easy for organic growers and home gardeners to grow bell peppers.
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Sweet Peppers

Capsicum annuum
Please refer to our Pepper Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 0.3 g unless stated (about 36-60 seeds, depending on variety) sows 21-60' of transplants.