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Seed lot on hand failed its germination test, waiting for new seed lot from grower, hope to have available again by 4/5/17 (white) 120 days. [Seed collected by grower Tony West from an elderly Cherokee woman in the Tuckasegee area of North Carolina. Longer ears and taller stalks than the Brown and Robinson reselection of the 1980s. Introduced 2011 by SESE.] 11-12 in. ears on sturdy 15-ft. tall stalks. White kernels, 8-10 rows/ear, 50 seeds/row, white cobs. Makes great flour. Important historical variety. Pkt (42 g = 1.5 oz, 127 seeds)
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Dent, Flint & Flour Corn

Zea mays
Please refer to our Corn Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 1½ oz (42g) unless otherwise stated (120-190 seeds, depending on variety) sows 40-60'.