SALE! Ships in fall. (Purple-striped) [Republic of Georgia, near Shvelisi.] Nicely-colored, large bulbs. Cloves are more numerous and elongated than most hardneck types. Chesnok Red is the best baking garlic, very aromatic with an abiding flavor. Comes with our Garlic and Onion Growing Guide. Starter Package: 8 oz.
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Hardneck (Rocambole)

Garlic ships in the fall: September - November, to northern-most areas first. Shipping surcharges apply - $2 for one item, $4 total for any two or more fall shipped items (including onion bulbs and woodland medicinals). U.S. shipping addresses only. We cannot apply priority shipping & handling to garlic.

Please refer to Garlic Cultural Notes and our Garlic and Perennial Onion Growing Guide for growing information.

Starter Package: Garlic is sold by weight (8 oz unless otherwise stated) rather than clove count. Bulb size varies according to crop conditions. Your starter package includes our 4-page Garlic and Onion Growing Guide.