(rainbow) 110 days. [Late 1800s Appalachian family heirloom] Beautiful, multicolored, huge ears (up to 14 in. long!) on sturdy 12-18 ft. stalks, 1-2 ears per stalk, 10-14 rows per ear. Grown by generations of Daymon Morgan’s family in Leslie Co., eastern KY; selected since 2001 by Susana Lein of Salamander Springs Farm in Berea, KY. Some all-red and all-blue ears along with an array of purple, white, and painted orange kernels. Bloody Butcher parentage crossed over the decades to produce an immensely productive, drought tolerant, hardy dent corn good for sweet roasting ears and gorgeous, delicious cornmeal. (½ lb = 8 oz = 228 g)
  • Item # 41317G

Dent, Flint & Flour Corn

Please refer to Grinding Corn Cultural Notes for growing information.

Packet: 1½ oz (42g) unless otherwise stated (120-190 seeds, depending on variety) sows 40-60'.