77 days. (cr) (Indeterminate) [Introduced by Burpee after years of selection from Beefsteak.] Large, meaty beefsteak-type tomatoes, most 1-2 lbs; a 7-¾ lb fruit held the world’s record for largest tomato for almost 30 years! Relatively free of defects for a large-fruited tomato. Red, meaty flesh with small seed cavities. Pkt.

For a picture of that world record tomato, see this link
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Please see Tomato Cultural Notes for growing information.

Codes refer to the Key to Tomato Disease Tolerance.
See our Tomato Variety Guide for recommendations for disease-resistant, storage, and extra early varieties.

Packet: Seed size varies considerably, 0.08-0.16g (approximately 40-80 seeds, depending on variety, average 64 seeds) sows 100'.