80 days. (Indeterminate) [Family heirloom of Djena Lee since the early 1920s. Won first prize at the Chicago Fair 10 years in a row! Introduced by SESE 1987. Djena (pronounced “Zshena”) was part Indian and granddaughter of Minnesota financier Jim Lee. She grew this tomato in Minnesota and on moving to Illinois in 1929 gave plants to Reverend Morrow (then 15 years old) who nurtured this variety and kept it alive.] Beautiful golden-orange fruits, one of the most appetizing golden tomatoes we have grown. 8 oz fruits. Delicious flavor, rich balance of sweetness and tanginess. Favorite at our 2008 festival. Pkt.

Included in Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste.
  • Item # 49111

Yellow, Orange & White

Solanum lycopersicum unless noted.
Please see Tomato Cultural Notes for growing information.
Codes refer to our Key to Tomato Disease Tolerance.
Packet: Seed size varies considerably; 0.16 g unless noted (about 40-83 seeds) sows 100 ft.