Fava Beans

Broad Windsor Long Pod Fava Bean

Vicia faba

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Culture: Favas have approximately the same cultural requirements as peas. Sow seeds 4-6" apart in rows 18-36" apart. Use as a frost-tolerant, spring-planted lima bean substitute from Virginia northward. Fava beans thrive in cool rainy areas and are planted as early as March/April so that plants are flowering when daytime temperatures average less than 70°F. From Virginia northward, favas are planted in the spring, whereas in Gulf Coast states and warm coastal areas they may be planted from October to December for harvest in March. Approximately the size of a large lima, favas have a flavor that is similar to a blend of limas and peas, but are more nutritious than limas. For use as a snap bean, harvest the pods at 2 to 3". For use as a green shelled bean, harvest when pods are 4-7" long. Prepare in the same manner as peas or beans.

Caution: A small percentage of people of Mediterranean descent may experience a hereditary reaction to fava beans.

Packet: 2 oz (57 g) (approximately 40 seeds) sows 12-18'.

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