Flower & Herb Cultural Information

Our flower selection emphasizes open-pollinated traditional favorites. Many people have told us that they enjoy the single-flowered old fashioned types because of their elegant simplicity and beauty, and others have commented that the fragrance has been bred out of many modern varieties. Our seed exchange policy also applies to family heirloom flowers and with your help we all may be able to enjoy the fragrance and simplicity of old fashioned flowers in modern gardens.

KEY TO CULTURE AND GERMINATION ABBREVIATIONS: Cultural and germination notes are given for each species of seed. Some information is abbreviated and is defined below:

Seasonal growth cycle:

A = Annual

B = Biennial

P = Perennial

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone number is given for most biennials and perennials. For example B4 means biennial in zones 4 through 10. Note that some perennials perform as annuals in the North.

Temperature (recommended for germination):

deg. F = Recommended

max = maximum

min = minimum

Stratify (Pre-chill) = Seeds require a moist cold treatment to break dormancy. Put seeds in covered moist planting medium in refrigerator for at least 4-6 weeks.

Light requirement:

D = Dark required. Cover with soil, or use black plastic.

L = Light required. Cover lightly or leave exposed.

LD = No specific light requirement.

Days to germinate:

Average number of days to germinate.

Sun or shade requirement:

sun = Needs full sun for best results.

shade = Tolerates or requires shade.

How and when to plant:

ds = direct sow

tp = transplant

Sp = Spring

Su = Summer

Fall = Fall

ALF = after last frost

BLF = before last frost


Mature plant height in inches.

The notes may also include spacing requirements and days to maturity.

Example of the Use of this Key:

ANISE (Pimpinella anisum): [A/70F/LD/14/tpALF/sun/24"]

In this example, ANISE is the common name and Pimpinella anisum is the Latin name given as genus and species. Anise is an annual (A) whose seeds germinate well at 70 degrees F or better. The seeds have no specific requirement for light (L) or dark (D) in order to germinate. Seedlings will emerge in approximately 14 days at the recommended germination temperature of 70 degrees F. Transplant (tp) after the last frost (ALF) when several sets of true leaves have developed. Anise grows best in full sun and reaches an average height of 24".

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