(Petroselinum crispum) 75 days. Leaves are deeply and closely curled. Flavor is better than most curled varieties. Upright foliage helps keep leaves clean. Bunches well. Holds well in heat and drought without discoloration. Use for garnishes and flavoring. Pkt (2 g).
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How to Grow: Parsley seed germinates very slowly, requiring 3-4 weeks. Sow seeds in early spring directly into garden, 1/4" deep, and thin to 6-12". Keep well watered. Soaking seed in water for 24 hours will speed germination. Mark location with radish seed. (Fast germination procedure: Plant seed in a small flat of soil or planting medium. Place flat in a zip-lock bag, and freeze for 12-24 hours. Remove from freezer and keep moist until seed begins to germinate.) Requires full sun. Seed Savers: Isolate by a minimum of 1/4 mile for home use. For pure seed isolate by 1/2 to 1 mile.

Packet: 2 g (approx. 900-1350 seeds, depending on variety) sows 35-70'.