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Waiting for seed from grower, hope to have available by 3/31/18 (Tagetes patula) [Found outside an old Muslim school in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1992. A favorite of flower seed collector Bob Bell. Introduced 1999 by SESE.] 24-30 in. tall plants with a sweet marigold fragrance. Lacks the common astringent odor of other marigolds. The plants are so fragrant they sweeten the air on a hot summer day. Bears numerous 1½-2 in. single petalled flowers that have yellow centers and velvet mahogany petals, with a fine orange border. Petals change from mahogany-red to orange-red as they mature. This is the finest marigold that we have grown. Pkt (0.5 g, 148 seeds) Limited supply; order early!
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How to Grow: Annual. Germination: 70°F, 7 days. Full sun. Direct sow or transplant after last frost. Space 8-16" apart. 45-65 days.