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Extend your gardening season and control insects. Floating row cover is a spun-bonded, reusable polyester material that can be placed directly over row crops without use of support hoops. Under normal use it should last 1-2 growing seasons; with care it can last longer. Crops grown under row cover produce earlier and higher quality harvests. In sunny weather, raises daytime temperatures 10°F. Frost protection averages 4°F. Use to protect crops from wind and destructive insects. Allows passage of light, air, moisture, and sprays. Some delicate crops may require wire support hoops. Simply unfold the row cover loosely over the seed or plant bed. To secure the edges, cover with a board, bury the edges in soil, or use fabric staples. Store dry, clean row cover out of sunlight to extend row cover life.Full Disclosure: Manufactured by Dupont, a chemical conglomerate that also produces genetically modified seeds. We've been unable to find an alternative product in this size and price range.
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