Gourd Growing Guide

Ornamental Gourds

Lagenaria siceraria unless otherwise noted in variety description.

How to Grow: See Winter Squash Cultural Notes. Gourd seeds are a few days longer to germinate than squash. Gourds have many fewer insect problems than squash. If not grown on trellis, space plants 18 in. apart, rows 10 ft. apart, to let vigorous vines sprawl! Small gourds are best grown on a trellis to obtain best quality fruits. Harvest ornamental gourds when the fruit stem changes from green to yellow or yellow-brown.

How to Cure: Leave 4 in. of stem attached. Wash fruits gently with soapy water, and dry in well-ventilated area. Turn often for 3-4 weeks and scrub off discolored areas. May be waxed and shined to a luster.

Gourd varieties

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