(C. argyrosperma) 110 days. [Pre-1893, possibly pre-1860. Cushaws came from the West Indies, earlier than 1700.] This bulb-shaped squash is a reliable producer and the most popular of its class. Large, vigorous vines are resistant to squash vine borer and downy mildew. Fruits average 10-12 lbs, about 18 in. long, and 10 in. wide at the bowl. Not a good keeper. Whitish-green skin with mottled green stripes. Thick, light yellow flesh is slightly sweet and medium-coarse. Fine for pies and baking. The mashed squash is great when fried with savory herbs. Pkt.
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Winter Squash

Please refer to Winter Squash Cultural Notes for growing information.

The species is given for each variety. See our Species Guide.

Packet: 2-6g (approximately 20-50 seeds, average 31 seeds).

Pumpkins are included here and also listed separately.