(Vicia villosa) (annual) Sow Aug. 1-Nov. 1 as a winter cover crop. Grows slowly in fall, then rapidly in spring, putting out beautiful purple flowers that bees love. Highly efficient nitrogen fixer; for maximum nitrogen fixing, wait until at least 50% of the plants have flowered before mowing crop. Mow it in the spring after flowering starts and transplant tomatoes or other large plants directly into the vetch, or till under. Sow at rate of ½ lb per 500 sq. ft. Best sown with annual rye in a ratio of 1 lb vetch to 4 lbs rye. Pkt (½ lb = 8 oz = 228 g)
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Corn is listed separately from other grains and cover crops. Seed for grain corn can be found here as dent, flint, and flour corn, as gourdseed corn, and as popcorn.