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Now sold out for 2018 (Lagenaria siceraria) 52 days for edible fruits, 95 days for hard-shell gourds. Harvest tender fruits at 10-20 in. as a mild substitute for zucchini. (Very young fruits, 7 in. and under, are bitter.) The bottom end of a fruit may be harvested, leaving the remainder on the vine; it’ll cure well enough to use later! (Hence the name: Healing!) Fruits left on the vine past the eating stage reach 20-34 in. long and can be harvested as hard-shell gourds. Fast-growing, borer-resistant vines are best trellised. Flowers open in the evening and attract hummingbirds. Pkt (3 g, 16 seeds)
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Please refer to our Gourd Growing Guide for cultural information.