(white) 85/110 days. [pre-1875] Heirloom dent corn originally selected by Native Americans in N. Florida and S. Georgia. It came to be prized across the mountain South for roasting ears, creamed corn, grits, and hominy, and particularly for white cornmeal, as well as fodder for animals. Plants up to 15 ft. tall. 1-2 hears/stalk. Tight ears keep out ear worms. Large ears stay in the green milk “roasting ear” stage longer than most heirlooms. Pkt (42 g = 1.5 oz, 80 seeds)
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Dent, Flint & Flour Corn

Zea mays
Please refer to our Corn Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 1½ oz (42g) unless otherwise stated (120-190 seeds, depending on variety) sows 40-60'.