(Avena nuda) Growing your own oats is easy with Pennuda. Sow in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Harvest in mid- to late summer, thresh, and winnow. Lacks the indigestible husk of common oats; they do have a hull, but it is easily threshed off. Grind into oat flour or crack in a grain mill to make oatmeal. Oatstraw, the green leafy stems, can be harvested for tea. For a winter cover crop, sow in late summer; in cold areas, oats will get winter-killed when temperatures drop below 10°F, and the crop residue is then easy to work under for planting early spring crops like peas and potatoes. ½ lb sows 175-250 sq. ft. (½ lb = 8 oz = 228 g)
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Grains & Cover Crops

Our Grain Growing Guide covers Amaranth, Rice, and Sorghum. See variety descriptions for other crops on this page.
Corn is listed separately from these grains. Seed for grain corn can be found here as dent, flint, and flour corn, as gourdseed corn, and as popcorn.