All the workers at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange live together on our farm. We are a very close group with active social lives in the local community. Interns would be welcome into our circle of friends including local musicians, Twin Oaks Farm, The Virginia Association for Biological farming, and the Little Flower Catholic Worker Farm.

Help us preserve enough food to last the winter, join us in our variety trials and tastings and learn about gardening and seed saving. After hoeing in a row of Texas Gourdseed Corn, you may wish to build a bentwood trellis or double dig a new bed rich with compost. Help us explore and develop new products to offer to our customers. We have an extensive library of books, catalogs, and magazines you can read. Sip tea in the herb garden. Visit other organic local farms and see how they operate. Attend monthly Charlottesville-area CRAFT tours. Take a walk through our woods down to the South Anna River and harvest wild pawpaws.

On our 72-acre rural Virginia farm, interns can learn the art of seed saving with our diverse staff. Interns will have the opportunity to see and taste for themselves just why we specialize in heirloom plants. We cherish the energy that new people can bring to our business.

Interns will be asked to work 42 hours each week, many of which they may be asked to spend in the gardens. Also interns (along with everybody else) will be asked to participate in our domestic labor rota, cooking and cleaning the common space. Interns may be asked to help out with office work - primarily packing seed packets and other aspects of order fufillment. More specialized office work may be available for those who are so inclined.

If you are interested in an internship, please e-mail us at