110 days from transplant. [Pre-1870] Also called “turnip-rooted celery,” celeriac is grown for its globe-shaped roots. Flavor is starchier and sweeter than celery with overtones of parsley flavor. Harvest roots when 2-4 in. in diameter and use in vegetable soups and stews, boiled and served in cheese dishes or mashed with potatoes, fried in butter until almost brown, or grated or peeled into salads. To make peeling easier, cut into quarters. Culture is the same as for celery though the leaves are not eaten. Roots may be stored for winter. Pkt (0.25 g, about 660 seeds)
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Celery & Celeriac

Apium graveolens
Please refer to our Celery & Celeriac Growing Guide for growing information.
Packet: Celery, 0.5 g (about 1230 seeds); Celeriac, 0.25 g (about 660 seeds).