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Codes refer to the Key to Cucumber Disease & Pest Tolerance.

See also Slicing Cucumbers.

Packet: 2g unless stated (approx. 60-80 seeds, depending on variety) sows 20'.

Mexican Sour Gherkin (Mouse Melon, Sandita) Gherkin 0.2 g

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(Mouse Melon, Sandita) (Melothria scabra) 73 days. Thin but tenacious vines bear many 58 in. x 78 in. fruits with skin like tiny watermelons. Immature, they taste like cucumbers; when fully mature, they taste like pickled cucumbers. Always popular at tastings! Plant them along your garden path for convenient snacking. Bears until frost. Trellising recommended. Pkt (0.2 g, 70 seeds)
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