There is a 2 packet maximum on all watermelon varieties.

Please refer to Watermelon Cultural Notes for growing information.

Packet: 1-3 g (20-60 seeds, average 39 seeds).

Moon and Stars, Yellow Fleshed WATERMELON 3 g

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[Early 1900 family heirloom from Georgia. Introduced 1987 by SESE. Years ago, a melon of this description was routinely shipped from Bermuda to some southern states around Christmas time.] This rare white-seeded, yellow-fleshed variety has good flavor though it is not quite as sweet as other melons of the 'Moon and Stars' type. Appears to have some tolerance to disease and drought. Fruit rinds have many small yellow stars and some moons. Serving suggestion: Halve melons and scoop out the insides using a melon ball scoop. Scallop the edges and fill with melon balls of red and yellow watermelon, cantaloupe, and assorted fruit. Pkt. (3 g) Limit 2 Packets.
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