130 days. [Pre-1860. Seed and history supplied by John House III of the Mansfield State Commemorative Area, Mansfield, LA. Introduced 1997 by SESE.] A short-fiber, naturally brown cotton grown since the Civil War. The lint is a non-fading attractive dark copper color that becomes brighter as it is washed. Branches of the plant are longer and thinner and leaves more lobed than other cotton. Unlike modern hybrids, its blooming cycle is longer, it grows well in poor dry soil, it’s hardier and appears to have slightly better insect-resistance. Nankeen is planted as an ornamental in some parts of Louisiana. We include additional interesting history of the Nankeen shirt with each seed packet. Pkt (16-20 seeds)

Cannot ship to GA, SC, or CA.
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Gossypium hirsutum
Please refer to Cotton Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 16-20 seeds
We cannot ship cotton to Georgia, South Carolina, or California.