(vw, fw1, fw2, bw, gls) 67 days. (Determinate) [Developed and released to SESE in 1999 by Dr. J. W. Scott at the U. of Florida.] An early- to mid-season fresh market tomato specially bred for heat tolerance and resistance to bacteria wilt which is prevalent in the Southeast and Florida. Recommended for gardeners and market growers in hot, humid, rainy growing regions where it is difficult to grow tomatoes. 4-oz. red fruits in clusters of 2-4 on short vines. Pkt.
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Please see Tomato Cultural Notes for growing information.

Codes refer to the Key to Tomato Disease Tolerance.
See our Tomato Variety Guide for recommendations for disease-resistant, storage, and extra early varieties.

Packet: Seed size varies considerably, 0.08-0.16g (approximately 40-80 seeds, depending on variety, average 64 seeds) sows 100'.