Our Seed Growers

It takes many farms to grow a collection of seeds like what we offer. We’re proud to work with a network of over 50 small farmers in various parts of the US who grow seeds for us. We hope to continue to expand this network. We’re always happy to talk to farmers who want diversify their income streams and grow seeds. Preserving unusual heirloom varieties helps us to preserve and promote that other endangered breed - the American small farm.

A large percentage of the seed and bulb varieties we offer are grown by us or our growers. In contrast, the vast majority of the seeds on the market are produced by huge wholesale companies. Among the seeds that we buy wholesale, we find a much higher rate of off-types than among seeds we buy from growers. Our growers are trained in seed selection and processing for maintaining pure, true seed that is adapted to organic conditions.

Many of the farmers we work with are certified organic, so their crops receive the “OG” symbol in our catalog and on our website. Others, while ecologically oriented, find that organic certification isn’t worth it for their farms and gardens; their crops receive the “e” symbol in our catalog and on our website.


Twin Oaks Community Seeds
Living Energy Farm
Barbara Rosholdt
The Moyer Family Farm
The Smythe Family of Rehoboth Farm
Slade Farms
Brightwood Farm
Beth Shelley
Ann Shrader

Other States in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic

Rodger's Heirlooms
Berea College Farm
Monica Williams & Bill Whipple
Nick Maravell
Tim Fields
Elizabeth Malayater

Around the US

Troy Teets
Millberg Farm
Appalachian Heirloom Plant Farm
Dancing Bear Farm
The Family Farmers' Seed Cooperative