(Porophyllum ruderale) Mexican herb with decorative round 2 in. leaves (wider than the Bolivian type). The unique, complex taste is most often compared to cilantro, but also sometimes to arugula, lemon, and even rue. Generally used raw; great in tacos, salsa, and many other Mexican dishes. Like cilantro, it is loved by many and hated by a few, although many prefer one to the other. Once established, papalo grows quickly and easily. One planting can provide fresh greens for months. May self-sow in warm areas. Pkt (0.20 g, avg 100 seeds)

Growing instructions: Annual. Germination: 70°F, 7-10 days. Transplant or direct seed after last frost. Sun or part shade. 72 in. tall. Pkt (2 g, ~100 seeds)
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