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Hoping to have available by 5/20/19. (Petunia multiflora) [Grandma Jean, our first regular staff member, recalls this heirloom petunia from her grandmother’s garden. Old Fashioned Vining dates back to the early 1900s, well before Grandma Jean was born.] Ever-blooming and much hardier than modern varieties, this old favorite blooms into the Fall when other annuals have faded and gone. Self-sows more readily than Balcony Petunia. Colors from white to shades of lavender and purple. Ht. 18-24 in. Sweet fragrance, reminiscent of Lily-of- the-Valley. Pkt (0.05 g, 475 seeds)

Growing instructions: Annual. Germination: 70°F, light required, 10 days. Full sun. Sow in flats or pots in March or April; transplant after last frost. Space 12 in. apart. Ht. 15-30 in.
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