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62 days.[Taiwanese variety] Shiny deep lavender fruits can grow to 2 x 11 in. and longer. If plants are kept upright the fruits can be kept straight for over ¾ of the length, making for impressive filets. Disease-resistant variety and high yielding, producing over 20 fruits per plant in our garden. Excellent flavor. (3 g) ***Note: the germination for the seed lot of this bulk size is 70%. We suspect that there's dormancy and that the seed will ultimately test higher. While this passes the federal minimum standard of 60%, we normally prefer to offer eggplant seed that's at least 75%. But, we know a lot of folks really want this seed, so we're making the bulk size available.***
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Solanum melongena
Please refer to our Eggplant Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 0.25 g unless otherwise stated (approximately 50-90 seeds, depending on variety) sows 60-100' of transplants.