Potato Growing Guide

Solanum tuberosum

Potatoes ship in the spring, beginning in March, directly from our grower's farm in Maine. We ship to southernmost areas first - see the table below. Shipping surcharges apply: $2 for one item, $4 total for any two or more potato items.

Potato varieties

How to Grow: Cut potatoes into pieces no smaller than an egg with no fewer than 2 eyes. Plant at 12 in. spacing, rows 3-4 ft. apart, in rich soil with lots of extra compost. Kill Colorado Potato Beetles as soon as they appear. The adults lay many eggs, and the pink-purple larvae are much more destructive than the adults. When plants are 6 in. high, side dress with compost and hill them by mounding dirt up against them until only the very tip of the top leaves are showing. For best results, hill again when plants have grown another 6 in. Dig potatoes from the ground after the plants have died and the stems are dry to the ground level. Potatoes are shipped at appropriate spring planting time for your area. For more specific shipping dates, see our website or call us. Order by April 1st. If you intend to make a second, later planting, please order extra seed potatoes to store in the refrigerator or root cellar until planting time.

Bag: 1 lb unless stated, sows 6-10'. Includes detailed planting instructions and a variety photo card.

Potatoes will be shipped approximately according to the following table. Unfortunately, we are unable to handle requests for earlier shipping. If you want to inquire about earlier or off-season shipping of potatoes, please contact our grower, Wood Prairie Farm, directly.

Alabama Mid March
Arizona Mid March
Arkansas Late March
California Mid March
Colorado Late March
Connecticut Mid April
D.C., Washington Late March
Delaware Late March
Florida Mid March
Georgia Mid March
Idaho Mid April
Illinois Mid April
Indiana Mid April
Iowa Late March
Kansas Late March
Kentucky Late March
Louisiana Mid March
Maine Late April
Maryland Late March
Massachusetts Mid April
Michigan Mid April
Minnesota Mid April
Mississippi Mid March
Missouri Late March
Montana Late April
Nebraska Late March
Nevada Late March
New Hampshire Late April
New Jersey Late March
New Mexico Mid March
New York Mid April
North Carolina Late March
North Dakota Late April
Ohio Late March
Oklahoma Mid March
Oregon Late March
Pennsylvania Mid April
Rhode Island Mid April
South Carolina Mid March
South Dakota Mid April
Tennessee Late March
Texas Mid March
Utah Late March
Vermont Late April
Virginia Late March
West Virginia Mid April
Washington Late March
Wisconsin Mid April
Wyoming Mid April

Potato varieties

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