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Please see Tomato Cultural Notes for growing information.
Codes refer to the Key to Tomato Disease Tolerance.

See our Tomato Variety Guide for recommendations for disease-resistant, storage, and extra early varieties.

Packet: Cherry Tomatoes: Seed size varies considerably, 0.08-0.16g (approximately 40-80 seeds, depending on variety, average 64 seeds) sows 100'. Currant Tomatoes: 0.05-0.09g depending on variety.

Red Cherry TOMATO 0.16 g

Retail Price: $2.75

(Old Fashioned Red Cherry) 72 days. (Indeterminate) [Introduced before 1840.] This is the small 'Red Cherry', not the 'Large Red Cherry' commonly used as a salad tomato. Very dependable, full-flavored salad tomato. Grows so vigorously that it tends to outgrow some diseases. Resistant to fruitworm and high temperatures. Pkt.
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