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Rice: M-101 GRAIN 7 g

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Small crop, now sold out for 2014 120 days. [Cooperatively introduced in 1979 primarily by the California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation and the USDA.] Technically a paddy rice, 'M-101', can be grown as an upland rice: it requires less water than corn, and has shown no insect or disease problems. Because it is a Green Revolution rice it requires a lot of nitrogen in the early stages of growth. 'M-101' is a California-type, semi-dwarf, medium-grain rice with smooth hulls and leaves, and moderate awns. Quality is the same as commercial brown rice. Use as a cereal or feed grain. Endosperm of 'M-101' is non-glutinous and non-aromatic. Seedlings have excellent vigor, resistance to lodging, and excellent cold tolerance in the seedling stage and reproductive stage. Best harvested at 22% moisture for maximum whole grain yield. Plants average 3' tall and produce good yields, 5 lbs/100 sq. ft, with a yield range of 2,500 to 7,200 lbs/acre. Grows form Albany, New York, south to Florida. Sow in April/May and harvest in September. Sow grains 1/4" to 1/2" deep, in rows 9" apart, thinned to 2 plants/foot. One-half ounce sows 100'. Requires dehulling before cooking. Dehulling instructions are included with your order. Pkt.
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