Screens are some of the most essential tools for small-scale cleaning of seeds that mature dry. These five screens - 2 mesh (strands per inch), 4 mesh, 8 mesh, 16 mesh, and 32 mesh - are effective for cleaning seeds ranging in size from amaranth to beans on a homestead or small farm scale. For most types of seeds, we recommend pouring the seed harvest over two sizes of screens: one to separate out the larger chaff, and one to separate out smaller chaff and dust. Screening generally complements winnowing and threshing, but can also be effective on its own. This set of screens is affordable in part because of how little space it takes up. Comes with instructions (also available here as a pdf) on how to use screens, and how to build a frame that screens can easily be moved in and out of, similar to the ones we sell. Avoid small cuts by wearing rubber or leather gloves to handle unframed screens. Screens are hand-cut to 11 in. x 11 in. See our our Growing Guides page for further seed-saving instructions, and our About us pages for more on how and why we support seed-savers.
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Seed-Saving Supplies

For information on how to save seeds, see the Seed-Saving section of our Growing Guides page, and also our Links page. See our About us pages information on how and why we support seed-savers.