Seeds For Schools

Welcome to the next generation of seed fundraising from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange! With so many fundraising options today it’s hard to know how to pick the best one for your cause, but we think selling Southern Exposure seeds make a great choice. Our seeds are practical, useful, and most importantly, a way to make a positive difference for your community’s health and for the planet. Selling seeds gives you an opportunity to integrate fundraising with class topics including sustainability, economy, or agriculture.

Southern Exposure's Seeds for Schools Fundraiser offers easy-to-grow, organic garden seed collections as a fundraiser for schools and other youth organizations. In order to maximize the fundraising potential to benefit kids the most, we offer Seeds for Schools at bulk-seed costs and split the proceeds 50-50. We also produce a user-friendly Beginner's Gardening Guide for the kids to distribute with every order.

Part of why we started this program is that we feel dismayed by super-processed, sugar-and-fat laden food being served in public schools, as well as the wide spread disconnect with where food comes from and the importance of eating healthily. Similarly, we also observed fundraising opportunities for kids consisting primarily of cheap plastic from China, candy, and wrapping paper. Our hope is that by introducing kids to gardening through this fundraiser we can encourage lifelong healthy eating and an understanding of where food comes from, as well as a connection to our environment for both our kids and our larger community. You can run the fundraiser on whatever time schedule works best for your organization.

To make fundraising even easier for you we've partnered with FarmRaiser, an online fundraising platform, to integrate our seeds with their easy-to-use technology. Through FarmRaiser you will have the convenience of more accurate orders, great customer care, added ways to pay, and various options to sell our seeds. This all leads to more fundraising dollars going toward your campaign. At the end of the sale, seeds will be drop shipped to your location for distribution. It's simple and effective!

To get started, enter your name and email to create your free FarmRaiser account below. You'll receive instructions on how to begin right away. Happy Fundraising!