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Now sold out for 2019. Hope to have new seed crop available Dec. 2019 [Pre-1750. Seedstock from Monticello.] Lima beans were a summertime favorite of Thomas Jefferson. This small, plump white lima has great flavor. 3-4 seeds/pod. Vigorous, drought tolerant vines can grow 9-10 ft. tall, need a sturdy trellis. Pkt (~59 seeds).

Note for seedsavers: our grower for this one found ~4% red seeds when he grew out the crop, from Worcester Indian Red lima seeds that had volunteered from a previous crop and grown up with the Sieva crop. He pulled out all the red seed during cleaning, but there's a slight chance that plants grown out from this crop will have a few red-seeded crosses.
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Lima Beans (Butterbeans)

Phaseolus lunatus
Please refer to our Lima Bean Growing Guide for cultural information.
Packet: 1 oz (28 g) unless otherwise indicated.