[From the Shilluk, or Chollo, people of Malakal, South Sudan, via the USDA and the Experimental Farm Network.] Multi-use and high-yielding. Huge stalks, 1½ in. wide and 9-12 ft. tall. Sometimes tillers to produce multiple stalks per plant. Sweet stalks are good for syrup or chewing. Immature sorghum seeds are a traditional food both in Sudan and in South India; this variety is ready when the highest seeds have just begun to turn purple. We found them tasty but still haven’t managed to thresh them efficiently. Mature seeds can be ground into flour, cooked whole, or popped like popcorn, making for an impressive range of foods from one variety. 30% of proceeds from this rare variety will go to the Experimental Farm Network and their seed grower, to support their work to preserve and return varieties from communities endangered by war. Pkt (7 g).
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