(C. moschata) 100 days. A new Downy Mildew resistant butternut developed from a cross between Seminole pumpkin and Waltham Butternut. Common Wealth Seed Growers' Edmund Frost made the cross in 2011 and has been working on it ever since. This seed is from the 7th year of selection, with a couple more years to come. Expect 95% butternut-shaped fruits, with good productivity, Downy Mildew (DM) resistance, rich sweet flavor, and very good keeping quality. Immature fruits vary between light and dark green in color. The dark green ones take longer to turn fully tan, but when they do you can be sure that they are ripe. South Anna will avoid the crop failure that can occur in years when DM comes early, and provide higher, better quality yields in years with average DM pressure. When used as a late planting, grows strong until frost, allowing for later harvests that will keep better into the winter and spring. 14 g.
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Winter Squash

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Packet: 2-6 g (approximately 20-50 seeds, average 31 seeds).