62 days. (Indeterminate) [Czech.] Pronounced stoo-PEECH. Early bearing, productive, disease-tolerant, and flavorful. It usually produces until frost. Great flavor depth with excellent sweet-tart balance. Juicy 3-4 oz. fruits borne in clusters of 6-8. Fruit ripens to red (with an orange undertone) with some tendency for green shoulders later in the season. A great salad tomato. Pkt.
  • Item # 49141


Please see Tomato Cultural Notes for growing information.

Codes refer to the Key to Tomato Disease Tolerance.
See our Tomato Variety Guide for recommendations for disease-resistant, storage, and extra early varieties.

Packet: Seed size varies considerably, 0.08-0.16g (approximately 40-80 seeds, depending on variety, average 64 seeds) sows 100'.