(Artemisia annua) Easy-to-grow, tall, aromatic ornamental. Fern-like, silvery, sweet-smelling foliage. Use in floral arrangements, wreaths, pressed flowers. Attracts bees, butterflies, birds to your garden. Grown mostly for its sweetly scented foliage, its ornamental value, its use in wreath-making, and for use in pressed leaf and flower arrangements. Suitable for container growing. Seed is difficult to clean and contains some light chaff. Medicinal: Sweet Annie is currently being investigated for its medicinal value as an antihelminthic, and for the treatment of chloroquine-resistant malaria. Pkt. (0.05 g, about 1400 seeds)

Growing instructions: Self-sowing annual. Germination 70°F, 7-21 days. Direct sow or transplant. Full sun or part shade. Height 48-72 in. It tolerates most soils if well-drained, and is requires little care once established. This annual comes back every year through self-sowing. Sow seed indoors six weeks before last frost and transplant after all danger of frost. Or direct sow on bare soil in the fall. In long-season areas, spring sow outside after last frost. Prune these large plants as needed. Under some conditions, this plant can invasively self-sow (though it's easy to remove and smells great as you weed it). Remove flowers to control self-sowing. For dried flowers, harvest when flower heads have developed. Hang upside down in a dark, ventilated space until thoroughly dry. To save seed, harvest mature flowers, dry, and shake seeds into a large paper bag. Seed is difficult to clean and contains some light chaff.
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