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We plan to make this variety available in March when we'll have a better sense of the quantity we can produce. Ships late spring. A brand-new variety selected by Doug Jones at Piedmont Biofarm in North Carolina. Orange fleshed, heart-shaped leaves. The Sweetie Pie produced plentiful, hefty roots in poor-quality clay soil where other varieties faltered. Sweetie Pies are a great choice for sweet potato pie bakers!
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Sweet Potatoes

Ipomoea batatas
Slips are vine cuttings from sprouted sweet potatoes for transplanting to your garden in the spring. Each package contains carefully bundled slips and a copy of our Sweet Potato Growing Guide.

Important Shipping Information: We ship sweet potato slips from Mid-May to early June, beginning with southernmost areas. Please do not order from us if you need slips earlier, as we are unable to produce slips before this time here in Virginia. Shipping surcharges apply: $2 for one sweet potato item, $4 total for any two or more sweet potato items, in addition to normal shipping and handling fees. If a sweet potato you order fails to produce, we may substitute a different variety; if you would prefer a refund, please add a note to that effect at checkout. U.S. shipping addresses only. We cannot apply priority shipping & handling to sweet potatoes.