Native Americans have been companion planting the three sisters (squash, corn, and pole beans) for thousands of years. A well-maintained three sisters garden is both beautiful and productive. The corn provides a tall stalk for the beans to climb. The transpiration from the corn leaves provides mild cooling for the beans. The beans, in turn, have the amazing ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere. The squash serves to provide a living mulch, suppressing weeds and keeping the hot summer sun from baking the earth dry. A Three Sisters garden is beautiful. The circular yet directional pattern provides a calming space to work in. The bean flowers draping from the corn leaves seem to dance over the large squash leaves. The squash and bean flowers are heavily visited by pollinating insects. Included is enough corn (Pungo Creek Butcher), beans (Kentucky Wonder), and squash (Seminole pumpkin) seeds to plant a 25 ft. circular Three Sisters garden, plus our planting guide (Click for PDF.)
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